Dermatology (Skin & Cosmetology)

Services we provides

Consultation with detailed history and clinical examination to reach at a proper diagnosis


Laser Hair Removal with world's best hair removal laser by suprano alma

Laser Hair Removal

Best quality and by professional guidance

Skin Peels

To make face wrinkle free and reduce face age

Botox for wrinkles

For acne scars to smoother the skin

Derma abrasion

For facial rejuvenation

Hydra facial

To know about diabetes status

Sugar Checking

To know oxygen levels in lungs

Oxygen Saturation Checking

For evaluation of hypertension

BP and Heart Rate Checking

With electrocautery or chemical cautery as per the expertise of dermatosurgeon

Mole Warts & Skin Tags Removal

In doubtful cases for confirmation of disease

Skin biopsy for disease confirmation


Face Lifting